Wonderful Winter Wellbeing

Wonderful Winter Wellbeing

With the winter evenings firmly entrenched, cosy nights-in pampering and caring for our skin followed by restful sleep is a wonderful way to boost our feelings of wellbeing, particularly with the grey damp days we have had recently. 

Eve Taylor London prides itself on its wonderful range of body products and luxurious aromawax candles to provide relaxing home treatments which will not break the bank.

Preparing the skin.
Start your self care with a warm (not hot) shower or bath using Restelle Body Wash. This coconut based cleansing agent offer soap free cleansing and is packed with glycerin to soften and hydrate the skin as it cleanses.  The deep aroma of Mandarin, Petigrain & Lavender natural essential oils assist with relaxation and easing of daily tension. Prefer a more invigorating body wash? Try our Citrelle Body Wash with juicy Lime and Petitgrain to uplift the senses.

Buff to perfection.
The winter layers can leave our skin feeling dry and itchy, particularly with the change of temperature from outdoor to indoor. Use Exfoliating Mousse to effectively slough away dull surface cells and reveal a smoother softer skin.

Apply and work into dry skin for maximum exfoliation or mix with a small amount of water in the shower to create a foaming action which cleanses and polishes in one action. The uplifting blend of Black Pine, Lemon and Geranium essential oils detoxinate and tone whilst stimulating the senses. 

Poppy seeds give an abrasive but gentle action on the skin whilst ground Sea salt physically removes dull dry skin. This aromatic scrub can be used 2-3 times a week for all over smoother skin.

Nourish and Moisturise.
Eve Taylor Aromawax Candles are not just wonderfully relaxing scents and a warm glow.  Many of our candles can also be used as a massage medium or a hydrating moisturiser. Try the Relax and Self Indulgent Candle with its beautiful scent of Geranium, Sweet orange, Lavender, Lavendin and Ylang ylang. 

The candles are paraffin wax free and made with a base of Soya, a rich source of amino acids which smoothes the skin. Rapeseed oil nourishes the skin and provides an emollient texture. For those who just like a candle to be a candle, simply burn the aroma wax candle to fill the room with a wonderful aromatic scent.

Alternatively, using an appropriate spatula, scoop out melted wax from the side of the glass and apply to the hands or feet and massage into the skin.  The low temperature melting point of the candle wax allows for skin application, applying warm but not hot and liquifying into the skin, without leaving a peelable wax layer.

Be fresh faced
Prepare your face for the night with an application of Calming Aromatic Serum, The aromatic essence soothes the senses, whilst the unique blend of Sandalwood, Basil and Niaouli essential oils aid in nurturing the skin, reducing skin redness and giving a supporting action for those with a stressed winter complexion. Dispense four drops between the palms of your hands and gently press into the skin whilst inhaling the blissful aromatic aroma.

Follow with the application of Nourishing Night Cream, a rich moisturiser with botanicals to impart vital lipids and moisture. A rejuvenating synergy of essential oils assist with supporting the skin as you sleep. This nourishing moisturiser readily absorbs into the skin leaving skin smooth and supple, and is the perfect balance of emollience and hydration to help defend against the signs of ageing and boost the complexion.

The serum and night cream combined produce a wonderfully relaxing aroma which further aids your preparation for a restful night.

The perfect ambiance
Ensure your bedroom is at an ambient temperature, too hot and you may find yourself restless, too cold, unable to relax.  Before getting into bed dispense 4 drops of Sleepwell Diffuser Blend into the Aroma Diffuser Pod or suitable unit and diffuse into the air. 

Add a thin layer of Sleepwell Gel onto the soles of feet and the base of your back. The Sleepwell duo are expertly formulated with the dusky aroma of Cedarwood and Sweet orange essential oils, helping you gently drift into calm comfortable stillness. The freshness of high altitude Lavender and the unmistakable benefits of Valerian root soothe and transpose your body and mind into peace and restful slumber.