Summer Skin Saviours, 3 ways to keep skin in tip top condition.

Summer Skin Saviours, 3 ways to keep skin in tip top condition.

Temperatures are rising and summer sun means we will be spending more time outdoors and exposing our skin to the elements. Whilst many of us welcome the arrival of summer, this season also brings with it the potential of negative effects for the skin which needs extra care to protect it from harmful UV rays and stay hydrated and glowing.

Here we look at 3 ways to keep summer skin in tip top condition.

  1. SPF, SPF and SPF some more

Approximately 80% of premature skin ageing is caused by UV light exposure, so it’s vital to use copious amounts of SPF protection to minimise damage on the face and body.

Whilst SPF is available in various factor levels, the consensus is to use no lower than SPF15, and ideally SPF25 upwards.

Consistent and thorough application is key to ensuring the most comprehensive protection, it’s recommended to reapply your chosen SPF product every 2 hours, especially when exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods.

Even if not sunbathing, it’s important to apply SPF to your face as this is constantly exposed to ultra violet light, but don’t forget other areas of the body which can get caught out. Hands, arms, décolleté and even ankles are areas which can experience sun damage.

New Body Shield from Eve Taylor London is an easily absorbed body moisturiser with sunflower oil and shea butter to nourish all skin types whilst its built in SPF25 protection defends the body from damaging ultra violet damage and the potential of burning.

  1. Boost protection with anti-oxidants

In addition to the damaging effects of ultra violet light, there are other detrimental things in our environment to consider for our skin’s health, like free radicals.

These destructive molecules destabilise the skin by causing oxidation to occur, in turn causing signs of premature ageing and the destruction of the vital proteins that give skin its support

Complimenting your regime by applying antioxidants underneath your SPF will greatly boost your protection and help maintain your complexion.

Look to use a serum with highly stabilised vitamin C such as magnesium ascorbyl phosphate and ascorbyl glucoside. These anti-oxidants scavenge free radicals and stabilise them to inhibit their destructive actions on breaking down collagen and elastin fibres, whilst simultaneously brightening the skin and promoting a radiant glow.

Eve Taylor London’s Brightening Serum is a lightweight formulation packed with a 15% complex of stabilised vitamin C to give reinforcing properties and defence against premature skin ageing while hyaluronic acid hydrates, plumps and smoothes the skin.


  1. Hydrate and soothe

Even with the best intentions sometimes the sun can catch us out and burn us leaving our skin looking red and feeling tight, hot and sore, so it’s important that we have the solutions to hand ready to calm and soothe.

Look to use products which contain ultra hydrating and soothing ingredients to reduce visible skin redness and lock in essential moisture, collectively taking the sting out of the skin.

For sunburn on the face, or just to keep summer skin in check, use a face masque rich in aloe vera and green tea which will drench the skin with essential moisture, locking it in to the epidermal layers to keep the skin supple, whilst offering anti-inflammatory effects to calm any visible redness.

Serums rich in hyaluronic acid will also intensively hydrate and immerse the skin with hydration to help reduce the feeling of tight sun weathered skin. Ideal to use each evening after sun exposure apply before moisturiser to maintain skin suppleness and boost epidermal moisture levels.

Eve Taylor London’s Rescue & Repair Moisturiser is a lightweight body moisturiser to intensively hydrate and soothe reddened skin on the body. Formulated with a skin-drenching blend of hyaluronic acid and calming chamomile, it helps rejuvenate the skin whilst a vitamin complex defends from the elements.