Skincare solutions – dehydrated skin

Skincare solutions – dehydrated skin

To help alleviate dehydrated skin symptoms follow these simple steps at home.

Ensure adequate water intake - fresh fruit and vegetables are naturally high in water content, increase fresh food intake and reduce pre-packed convenience foods whenever possible as they are often high in salt content.

Increase humidity: Place small bowls of water around the house to increase moisture in the air, especially when using central heating.

Moderate exfoliation: Scrubs, fruit acids or anything that exfoliates the skin has the potential to dry the skin and remove precious moisture.

Only use mild exfoliation products once or twice a week.

Hydrating serums: Look for serums with Hyaluronic Acid as this is a natural component of the skin and rapidly plumps the skin. Remember to follow with a moisturizer to seal in the serum.

Moisturise: Because dehydration can affect any skin type moisturisers are vital for helping to prevent moisture loss. Whether you prefer a lighter lotion or heavier cream, moisturising is a vital step to restoring moisture back into the skin.

Spritzing skin with a hydrating toner will assist in a more even absorption of the moisturiser.