Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air

Spring Equinox brings with it a lift of spirits and the potential of new beginnings, with the wonderful yellow heads of daffodils, and the rainbow of crocus, snowdrops and even the odd daisy heralding the need to soon cut the grass, bringing joy and optimism after a seemingly unending grey winter.

As the melatonin recedes and the light begins to affect the brain, we can get a light “spring” in our step, we become more alert and experience increased feelings of happiness. The fresh air, scents and visual displays of bloom and birth, feel good as we consume them with our senses.

Make the most of the lighter mornings by kick starting your day with our wonderfully re-energising Good Morning Diffuser Blend.

This stimulating blend boasts the vibrancy of French Basil combined with the amazing fragrance of Mexican Lime. Tunisian Rosemary uplifts the senses whilst energizing Spearmint helps to get you ready for the challenges of the day ahead.

Simply dispense 3-4 drops into your Aroma Diffuser Pod and reap the benefits of this aromatherapy powerhouse.


Spring clean the skin
Start to revitalise the complexion by introducing Clear Cleanse a finely textured oil formulation to gently yet effectively pre-cleanse all skin types. It is highly effective for removing all traces of make-up, sebum and any debris that clings to the skins surface and can be rinsed easily with its water-soluble formulation.

Argan and Peach Kernel oils nourish dryer skins yet are lightweight enough for oilier skin types. A synergy of citrus oils provide a zesty aroma leaving the skin refreshed and read for the main cleanse step. 

With the onset of Spring, and the shedding of those heavy layers, comes the exposure of areas of skin which have been hidden all winter, one of the most neglected areas in our skin care routine tends to be the neck.  

We often see crepey skin at the side of the neck due to insufficient cleansing and chunky knitwear rubbing this delicate area.

Invigorate the skin by using the Facial Cleansing Brush within the deep cleanse. This soft pliable brush is the perfect partner for all Eve Taylor cleansers to ensure a thorough cleanse whilst re-energising the skin and increasing oxygen and blood flow to the complexion.

Made from 100% sustainable rubber this long-lasting brush is gentle enough for skin prone to sensitivity and can be used to cleanse all around the neck area and around the back of the ear where lacklustre skin can be experienced.


Nourish and nurture
After cleansing, follow with our wonderful Revitalising Aromatic Serum. This aromatic treatment serum is hand blended with an invigorating synergy of essential oils to encourage a more supple texture for a radiant revitalised complexion. 

Ho wood conditions and nurtures the complexion whilst Jasmine maintains balancing actions. Nourishing plant oils protect the delicate balance of moisture and oil levels, helping to reinforce skin integrity with essential fatty acids.


Target treat the neck by applying Replenishing Neck Cream using light fingertip pressure. This creamy targeted moisturiser nourishes and hydrates the delicate neck area with vitamin rich lipids and replenishing essential oils. 

The synergistic blend of Frankincense, Rosemary, Clary Sage, and Patchouli essential oils help strengthen epidermal integrity, offering revitalising properties to re-energise sluggish skin, whilst Avocado oil imparts protective actions whilst nourishing.


Get energised
With many of us taking a more sedentary lifestyle over the colder months our muscles haven’t been as used to lots of movement. With better weather comes more physical activity as we get outside more and get those muscles moving, leading to aches and discomfort.

Ease the muscles with our Active Rub Muscle Ease Gel. This synergy of warming essential oils includes Ginger, Black Pepper and Marjoram, collectively soothing and reducing localised areas of sensitivity. Blended into an Aloe Vera base, it forms a soothing hydrating texture that easily absorbs into the skin.

Its convenient sized tube can be transported and applied on the go for those moments of need.