Characteristics and Causes – Sensitive Skin

Characteristics and Causes – Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be both a hereditary and an environmental skin condition. Impairment of the protective barrier layer leaves the skin prone to irritants. This leads to reactivity within the skins surface manifesting in inflammation, stinging, burning and pinking of the skin.

Some typical symptoms of sensitive skin are:

Easily reactive to topically applied products, heat or touch Itching, stinging or burning Skin turning pink or red easily

Skin feeling generally delicate

Sensitive skin is most prominent in people with blue eyes and red hair and of a Celtic decent.

Truly sensitive skin is a genetic predisposition, which sufferers have from birth; however environmental factors can make the skin sensitive, the use of soap or alcohol based products on the skin can break down the protective layer.

Over exfoliation is one of the main causes of the skin becoming sensitive as the protective barrier of the skin is worn away to the point that that it no longer functions correctly.

Sensitive skin with an impaired protective barrier often looses water content through tiny cracks and fissures in the surface, this leads to dehydration; this can cause problems in itself – tight, itchy reddened skin.

Using an intensely hydrating serum as part of your regime will saturate the skin with moisture content replacing that which has been lost.

Aloe based masques are also extremely hydrating to the skin tissues with a cooling anti-inflammatory effect.