Ageing Skin - Characteristics and Causes

Ageing Skin - Characteristics and Causes

There are many aspects to ageing skin. The most obvious is when lines and wrinkles are visible. When skin becomes slack or droopy it is said to have poor elasticity, this is another common symptom of ageing skin.

Some typical symptoms of ageing skin are:
Lines, wrinkles and folds

Sagging, loose drooping skin

Loss of elasticity (skin that doesn’t snap back into place as quick)

Dry, rough textured skin which looks dull

There are 2 factors to why the skin ages: genetics and the environment. It is a fact that every one of us will develop ageing skin at some point as our genes are designed to do so. Genetics determine the point in our life when the skin will naturally wear and slow down collagen and elastin production.

The environment plays a significant role in skin ageing and this is the number one factor in our skin becoming prematurely aged. Sun exposure and smoking are two of the most damaging things for our skin and can cause the skin to degrade at a rapid rate giving the illusion that the skin is much older than its years.