Our Values

A family-run, UK business of more than 50 years. Our essential oils are 100% natural and sustainably sourced.


We understand how hard it is to find a skincare brand that suits your skin as well as your ethical values. Eve Taylor London has been a family-run, UK business for more than 50 years; our values are part of our fabric and always will be.

We believe in high-quality products at affordable prices, because everybody deserves beautiful skin. We choose the gentlest yet most effective ingredients, and never use artificial colours, fragrances or anything else that could irritate your skin.

Our essential oils are all 100% natural and sustainably sourced.

We don't believe in animal testing – our products are tested only on willing humans and the majority of our range is vegan-friendly.

All our packaging is recyclable, and we work with Trees for the Future to plant one tree for every Eve Taylor retail product sold and have pledged to plant a minimum of 100,000 trees per year.