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The Aromatic Serum Story

The Aromatic Serum Story

The story behind the amazing iconic blends

Eve Taylor® blended oils have been renowned throughout the world for decades owing to the strict process that the ingredients go through from their growth to the end blending technique. These collective elements make Eve Taylor® Aromatic Serums some of the most well regarded in the world.

Globally sourced natural essential oils.
We source all of our natural essential oils from locations throughout the world with the best climates, creating conditions that provide the best quality and strength essential oils.  We only use sustainable sources meaning that we are being responsible and ensuring the amazing plant sources we use are maintained for future generations to come. 

Hand harvesting
When our plant sources are harvested, we only use a hand harvesting technique and never use machines to harvest the plants. Harvesting by hand ensures the plants are cut with care to maintain the full value from the crop and to avoid any damage which may result in less potent oils. 

First distillation steam extraction
Within hours of the harvest the plants undergo a process of extraction to release the aromatic essential oil portion from the crop. The majority of essential oils Eve Taylor® use are extracted using first distillation steam extraction. This process uses huge ‘stills’ where the plants are placed inside. Steam at specific temperatures is passed through the still at pressure, this causes the steam to break through the plants and allows essential oil molecules to burst out of the leaves/stems etc.  The temperature must be hot enough to allow the full therapeutic yield to be extracted from the crop, but not too hot to scorch the crop and destroy the therapeutic value. The steam rises up and passes through a connecting pipe leading to a condenser where it cools and returns to a water consistency. As the essential oils don’t mix with water they form upon the surface of the water where it is then siphoned off ready to be used. 

Signature hand blending technique
Our Aromatic Serums use a time honored signature hand blending technique which was developed by Eve herself in the 1960’s, the technique and blend formulations are the same today as they were then. The essential oils are blended together as a concentrate mixture and then left to synergise for a minimum of 3 weeks in a specially ventilated room devoid of heat and light.       

When the essential oils are blended together using the signature blending technique their individual properties are enhanced and increased. The collective synergy between the oils becomes much more powerful than the individual oils alone. After the oils have synergised they are tested then added to the blended base oils and bottled ready for use. 

Ageing Skin

Ageing Skin

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