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Rose Hydrolat

Rose Hydrolat


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Categories: Hydrolats

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Description: Has a moist cool, intensely floral aroma. This hydrolat is the floral water produced during the steam distillation of rose essential oil.

Skin type/condition: Normal, dry, mature or sensitive.

Key ingredients: Rose Hydrolat

Benefits: Hydrating properties make it ideal for use in Eye Contour Masque.
Cooling and mildly astringent with a soothing element.
The aroma has a balancing effect on the emotions.

Salon Use: May be used in cleansing bowls, on steam towels, gauze used for face masques, in place of a facial toner, room or clothes freshener. May be mixed 50% water 50% hydrolat with peel off maques for the face, eyes and lips. Could be added to water of a facial steamer or spray toning attachment on multi-purpose facial units (follow manufacturer’s guidelines).

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Janet C 5 Mar 2019

Absoultely love this hydrolat. I use it in everything- stemaed mitts, face masques, as a toner. Clients love it too and really appreciate the indulgence

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