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Eliminating Body Serum (No.11)

Eliminating Body Serum (No.11)


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Categories: Body Serums , Body Treatment Oils
Concerns: Detoxifying

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Description: This body serum is designed to aid general elimination and fluid
retention so can help with puffiness and bloating.
By boosting the elimination process skin texture will also improve.

Skin type/condition: Skin prone to fluid retention and puffiness.

Benefits: Helps smooth the skin contours where poor elimination and cellulite occur.
The diuretic effect of the essential oils assist with bloating and fluid retention.
Promotes healthier skin by elimination of cellular toxins.

Key ingredients: It is the synergistic blend of sage, rosemary, black pepper, marjoram, lavender and juniper berry that collectively stimulates circulation promoting the elimination of cellular waste and excess fluid.

How to use: Smooth 3 pumps onto outer thighs and tops of hips. Stroke hands over hips to abdomen 6 times. Smooth 1-2 pumps to soles of feet in morning and evening.
Drink at least 1 litre of water when using this oil.

*Do not use on client if pregnant, lactating or taking prescription medication.

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